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Whether it is a group fitness class at Summit Health and Fitness in Bedford, MA, training clients one-on-one, or trying your best at an indoor or outdoor Bootcamp, I welcome you to join me and start your health and fitness journey.



Saturdays 7:30 am

April - Nov

Bedford High School Track and Summit Health and Fitness

Bedford, MA

I teach Outdoor Bootcamp from April to January but during those three Winter months when we aren't outside there's the option to come indoors on Saturdays at Summit. The class consists of both cardio and muscle intervals that will challenge the enthusiast but also easy to follow for the beginner. We use weights, steps, jump ropes, bands, balls, ropes, blocks, walls, and other pieces of equipment along with our bodies and minds to challenge each person to his or her potential...and then some.


Schedule is based around YOU

I meet my personal training clients either at Summit, the Bedford track or at home. I realize that convenience is a huge part of staying committed to a healthy lifestyle and also that everyone has a different comfort level of where they want to work out. Training sessions can be once a week, once a month, every six weeks to develop a new workout or whatever we as a team feel you need. These one on one sessions help those that are new to exercise learn what they need to learn to stay safe and be effective and for those that need to help get motivated. Personal training sessions are also great for those that want to be pushed outside their comfort zone (my specialty)! In addition, I have worked with young people trying to develop a love of fitness, work on body mechanics and core development, and just all around health awareness.


Schedule with Sandy

The small group training (SGT) was developed to help people that want to get the camaraderie of working with others but not in quite as large a group as an exercise class. Programs are individualized to whatever sport, activity or specific goals are of the group. I have had the privilege of working with male and female high school teams in all sports - football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, volleyball and others.




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Mondays 9:15 am

Summit Health & Fitness

Bedford, MA

Both kickboxing classes work from the core movements and techniques of boxing. The cardio kickboxing is a series of choreographed movements to music that combine punches and kicks for an amazing cardio workout and body conditioning.


Tuesdays 9:15 am

Summit Health & Fitness

Bedford, MA

My Strength & Conditioning classes utilize almost every piece of equipment we have in a muscle conditioning based format. We focus on the elements of fitness, strength, endurance and functionality using many different techniques and variety of formats.


Wednesdays 9:15 am

Summit Health & Fitness

Bedford, MA

Cardio Cross Training classes focus more on the cardio element of fitness and core development. We spin, step, kick box, do plyometrics, jump rope, use utility ropes, and box hops . These are just a few of the tools we utilize for an overall absolute calorie blaster!




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Fridays 9:15 am

Summit Health & Fitness

Bedford, MA

This is a boxing techniques class that uses gloves and pads, heavy bags, jump ropes, medicine balls and other equipment in a powerful combination of moves that leave your stress at the door!


Saturdays 7:30 am (Dec-Feb)

Summit Health & Fitness

Bedford, MA

Sports circuit classes focus on the cardio element of fitness and core development. We spin, step, kick box, do plyometrics, jump rope, use utility ropes, and box hops to round out a complete all body workout


Get moving anytime you'd like!

Get moving anywhere anytime!