When I was growing up in what was a rural part of Maine, I didn't know what I wanted to be, but I knew deep in my heart that I wanted to make a difference in the world.  Corny, I know but I really had this deep inner knowing that I was suppose to help people.  Not wanting the career path of a doctor or lawyer, I went to college for the next best and got my B.S. from Bentley College.  About halfway through Bentley, I knew that the nine to five thing wasn't in the cards for me and that sitting in an office wasn't either.  My senior year, I did an internship at a local Wellness center and I was hooked.  I started teaching classes, got my group exercise certification, and soon after graduation decided to go back to school to get certified as a massage therapist and personal trainer.  It was more than just getting sweaty and the gorgeous ankle warmers at the time that pulled me in.  I could see in my own little way I was making a difference for these people.  They were happier when they left and came back again, repeatedly.  I liked the idea of creating the whole package for them, not only getting them more fit physically, but on the inside with nutrition and connecting a healthy lifestyle for the long term. My beginnings as an active child, taking care of our numerous animals, playing sports, skiing, hiking, swimming and eating food that was local (and in some cases standing in the pasture next door the day before) has stayed with me and helped develop my sense of well being as a total package.


Sandy Morvillo (AFFA certified for Group Fitness & Personal Training, CLMT), is a health and fitness expert, trainer, mentor, licensed massage therapist, married mother of two and mom to the cutest puppy in the world, Molly.

She is currently the Group Fitness Director of Summit Health Club in Bedford, Massachusetts and developed her own show for Bedford Cable Access Television called Let’s Get Fit with Sandy Morvillo. Sandy has a large following in the area and has helped many individuals of all ages accomplish their fitness goals.