Personal & Small Group Trainer | Boot Camp & Lead Group Fitness Instructor | Health & Fitness Advisor | Bedford MA


take charge of your health and fitness goals

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I believe that we are all capable of doing more than we think we are. My job is to help you find that strength and help you reach whatever personal goals you may have. I teach three elements of fitness; strength, endurance and functionality. They are all equally important. So many of us are cardio fiends, but the muscle conditioning part (especially for woman in their blooming years as I am) is also so important. I want the people that take my classes or train with me to understand why they are doing what they are doing and what you put into your body for fuel can make or break a workout. It's the long haul, the bigger picture I'm after. I truly LOVE what I do and even if I can't make my clients love exercise and living a healthy lifestyle as much as I do, maybe I can get them to like it just a little bit.

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"Quitting Isn't An Option! Just Use It Up!"

- Sandy Morvillo

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Stay Motivated. Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.